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Thursday, May 23, 2019

For the record, for whatever it's worth...

Fourteen years ago, skippy invited me to be a guest blogger. At that time, I thought the big roo had the best left-leaning political blog around. I couldn't get enough of his content -- it was serious, it was funny, and it was, at least for me, encouraging. Especially after George W. Bush won a second term in 2004.

It's tricky for me, even now, to explain just how discouraging for me that blow was at that time. In 2000, I called myself a conservative, but Bush's heart-on-his-sleeve religiosity repelled me as much as Al Gore's more-of-the-same Clintonista crap did. I voted for Ralph Nader out of pique.

Here is where I could go off about lots of folks who blamed me for throwing that election to Bush by voting for Nader are the same jackholes who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and wish they had. Y'all know who you are -- and y'all can go fuck yourselves after you're done nailing your palms to your foreheads after figuring out Donald Trump wasn't the Man of the People he convinced you he was.

Seriously, are you folks really that damned stupid? I swear, if you were turkeys, you'd vote for Thanksgiving -- and actually be proud of it, right up until you noticed the cleaver was coming down.

I don't know how skippy managed to carry on as long as he did. Of course, he was always more thoughtful and more mature than me. And, well, he's still the best left-leaning blogger of all time.

You know that expression, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em? Skippy, for me, exposed that the way Toto exposed the Wizard. How can you join the Wizard once you've seen the man behind the curtain?

It's impossible.

Unless you're the type that brings the curtain back out so you can resume wondering what's behind it. You know, the kind of turkey that votes for Thanksgiving.

I've never understood why millions of people vote against themselves year after year after year.

And I never will.

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If you're not going to participate in our electoral system you have no right to complain about it. Voting for someone you know absolutely has no chance of winning is, by definition, not participating in our democracy.

Look at the amount of real change that was brought to the Democratic party in the last election. All that was because people decided to participate in the real election and not pretend some third-party grifter could win.

Give us 6 years. Resolve to vote for the Democrat in every instance for the next 6 years and we can change things for the better. Democrats can (and will, with our pressure) deliver us ranked voting or some other scheme that allows for multiple parties and then you will be free to vote for any idiot you wish.

Until then, voting for anyone other than the two major parties is just pissing away your vote.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:48 AM PDT  
Any one who could even pretend to call themselves a conservative after addled ronnies gutting of the economy and perjurer paoppa flaunting the law to protect his criminal activities, not to mention the demented going ons of newtie and his gang of fools, drunks, child molesters, adulters and generally no good miscreants should have shown the good grace to apolagize sit down in the back and be quiet.
Since they had shown they obviously had no principles, fewer ethics, dubious sanity and absolute lack of any morality.
They, as apolagists and liars, in protecting their false diety of the golden calf and thuglican delusions gave us the twit and his endless wars and led directly to demented donnie.
So rather then play the martyr for the evil you helped inflict upon the world should just sit listen and when their opinion is needd it will be given to them.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:58 PM PDT  
No, fuck you! Amerika is the most evil and dangerous country on the planet. The Amerikan people are complicit in war crimes that have killed millions of people around the planet. Voting for Republicans or Democrats, conservative or liberal, means that you are ok with what the US government does and has done in your name. The only way there will be peace on this orbiting madhouse is for Amerika to be totally and utterly destroyed. Amerikans, kill your tv, stop driving and quit breeding.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:41 AM PDT  
Jim, I understand you.

Unfortunately, we live in a two-party system government. I wish it were a sixteen-party one with each party holding 1/16 of the seats. Coalition would be the norm, not the exception. Modi in India will now be someone to keep an eye on as he needs no coalition to get his way. Tamils and Muslims had better lie low.

The US is stymied today, not by laws or elected officials, but by "rules". Mitch McConnell can obstruct legislation all he wants while stuffing the courts with appointees he approves of, without a so much a a by-your-leave to the House.

He wields this power by Senate "rules". In fact, his position as majority leader is called out in no law or the US Constitution.

The system is broken--and has been broken for a long time.
commented by Blogger Asterix, 2:08 PM PDT  
Two things.

One, there's this bit of wisdom that goes way back, at least to the dawn of civilization, and for all I know, back to when our species discovered the difference between killing and murdering: beware of battling monsters, lest you become one in the process. Human history is a bit littered with the bones of dictators that rose up from nothing and gained everything out of anger toward what they hated, only to lose it all because of blind hatred in the end. Lately. I suspect that I know this only because I was born and raised in the United States. I've always had access to multiple takes on history that folks living under tyranny rarely have. And I'm far from the brightest light on the Christmas tree, but for some reason, I was curious enough to look into a few of those other takes on history. One of those was Howard Zinn's People of the United States work. My country, and I, and every other American, have a horrifyingly lot to answer for, you got that right.

Here's where you're confused: we have a Constitution that's equipped for answering for wrongdoing -- and, whether we like it or not, we're obliged to honor that responsibility. Clearly, the patient is bleeding profusely. My first move is to apply a tourniquet as quickly as possible. Your first move, apparently, is to put a shotgun to the patient's skull and pull the trigger. So much for the warning about monsters.

And two...

"America" does not have a "k" in it. You can spell it with a "k" if you like. But that just marks you as a mouthy little punk with a platform you use to announce that you're a mouthy little punk.

Good for you...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 6:32 AM PDT  
Oh yeah, it's been broken for a long time.

But take heart. Germany endured Hitler for twelve years. Spain endured Franco for forty years. We've never endured anyone that hellish -- at least not yet.

We don't have to slip down that slope too, my friend. We don't.

We already know better.
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 6:41 AM PDT  
"But take heart. Germany endured Hitler for twelve years. Spain endured Franco for forty years. We've never endured anyone that hellish -- at least not yet."

With environmental conditions does humanity have 12 years or 40 to allow the indulgent to literally press the gas peddle to the floor to further acceleraite global warming.
Who could claim to be a conservative after profitering barry ( he and his brother would hire undocumented farm workers and just before payday would call immigration to get them all deported before the goldwaters would have to pay them) or tricky dick with his criminal administration and war crimes and addled ronnie raygun who gutted the US economy in a search for a quick buck?
Obviously only the morally bankrupt, ethically deficient and intellectually dishonest.
Any who claimed this title should only admit their complete moral and ethical bankruptcy return every penny of the ill gotten lucre they aicheved by this failure of the individual, plus make public any communications at all with the moral reprobates they endorsed and empowered. Then go to the back of the room and be quiet. Votes and money is all they have to contribute.
Their minds have ben shown to be way to diseased to be allowed to spew forth any more poison or treachery then they already have.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:47 PM PDT  
Look, I don't know if humankind has much of a future left either. But this is where you're invoking the transgressions of Barry Goldwater?

Come on, man. We don't have time to fart around with his ghost...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 3:17 PM PDT  
If we don't have time for calling out moral degenerates do we have the time to survive your examples of "Germany endured Hitler for twelve years. Spain endured Franco for forty years."?
Nor do we have time to fart around with self serving conservative apolagists who feel that we can NEVER hold a past political criminal or a rich and powerful person responsible for their crimes.
Particularily in cases where the evil they inflicted still resonates and affects actions of today.
What is the adage of the past shapes the future?
So it is with those right wing nutcases who when they realized that the stupidity they had promoted was getting out of hand and sought to take their the money they gained by trashing the world and claiming to have been reborn with out ever answering for their past sins or revealing all they knew about their fellow crooks.
then they have the audacity of trying to claim some sort of mantle of respectability by pretending to try to right he errors of their past.
Just as old mafiosa's would bribe the local catholic parishes for respectability without admitting their sins of the past so do the "reborn" conservatives try to claim respectability by changing sides with out surrendering the ill gotten gains of their past.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:12 PM PDT  
Then let's cut them loose and move forward, for once and for all.

Seriously. That's all it'll take.

commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 9:28 PM PDT  
So after all those mythical "good conservatives" who greased the skids and started pushing us downhill with their inane defense of the criminal and dishonest thuglican party, the delusional majority and the praise on doofusses like addled ronnie, perjurer poppa the twit and all of their enablers in tthe senate, the house and the federalist asociety now can pretend that they didn't know what they were doing while accumalating money, cachet and platforms to spread their ignorance and hate .
First lets have a "Truth" commission much like South Africa had.
You claim to have seen the light?
Do you acknowledge that tricky dick was a crook?
Do you acknowledge any defense of him was false based upon lies?
Do you acknowledge that addled ronnie was nothing but an unmitigated disaster?
Do you acknowledge that anyone involved with iran/contra by trying to shred the constitition is specific the clause that states that the Executive branch can have no funds that are not allocated by congress? Also that those efferts to side step those legal regulations was tantamount to treason?
Do you acknowledge that perjurer poppa lied for at least 5 years during the iran/contra investigation when he kept dnying he had his diary's of those planning sesions?
Do you acknowledge that perjurer poppa abused the pardon process with the help of that ambulance chaser barr for no other reason but to stay out of jail?
Do you acknowledge that the twit and his entire administration was guilty of war crimes?
Do you acknowledge that the twits malfeasence led directly to 9/11?
Do you acknowledge that demented donnie is doing nothing more but enlargeing and deepening the financial, moral and ethical holes that the previous thuglican admins started?
Have you released to the public arena EVERY communication you ever had with these agents of disaster?
Or are you just like wilson and nicole just trying to cash in on their switch with no repetence and while still lying about how the previous thuglican administrations were composed of "honorable" ( yeah right) people who were trying to do good rather then the truth that they were only seeking more money and power no matter the damage they did to humanity, the country and our political system.
If, and when, you admit to these total failures of reason, morality and ethics in order to advance greed, power hunger and divison then maybe I might accept your crocadile tears.
But using an adage I had heard from reformed herion addicts that one should never trust one reformed or otherwise. So it will be with these "reformed" thugs they can never be trusted.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:11 PM PDT  
To change the subject
Any odds on demented donnie taking a cheap shot at Hank Aaron?
Same anoymous
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:04 AM PDT  
commented by Blogger على جمال, 3:08 PM PDT  
Maybe, as disappointed as I am in the trajectory American history has leaned these last couple of years, I would understand your borderline scorch-the-earth take -- if I hadn't already lived long enough to see a man like Barack Obama become our president.

I mean, hell -- a man who was technically half black became president eight years before the white-and-frightened responded by electing a Cheeto Mussolini.

I take heart in that. You look through human history, it's usually the wrecking balls first, the rebounders second. If the GOP is resigned to playing wrecking ball to stay in Trump's good graces, fine.

Guess they can toss their national security credentials into the dumpster. If they can't stand up to Donald Trump, they goddaned sure can't stand up to Vladimir Putin...

commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 7:12 AM PDT  
Part of my disappointment is with all the "conservatives" that helped push our country downhill and then claimed that they did mean for it to sink all the way to the bottom just "half way"
You know the "conservatives" like bigoted buckley who with polite language deefended jim crow, segragation and bigotry but oh never meant to further enable the neo nazi's. Now they claim some sort of moral rightousnes in condemning people not for being bigoted but for being too bigoted.
Seriosly how do you respond to my questions?
Or does having to face your past too much for you to endure.
To return to one of the last lines of your article about how you couldn't understand how people could continue to vote against their self interest, well its because of the "conservatives" using delusions, fear, guns, religion and bogus economics to do so.
So after years of a "conservative" helping dimb down our electorate now they ask a question like that.
Well simple answer.
Look in a mirror.

ps No more scorched earth the South African truth commissions. If one does not face and admit the errors of their past they will repeat them.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:58 AM PDT  
Okay, this is my last comment.

When I said, "Seriously, are you folks really that damned stupid?" I already knew the answer was "Yes." I also knew the answer has been "Yes" as far back as Nixon winning a second term. As Dan White said, you can't fix stupid.

I wrote what I wrote because I saw that skippy, who made a point of posting every day year after year, had stopped. I don't know why he stopped. He just stopped.

And you know what? I'm good with that. I don't need an explanation. Skippy always did right by me. That's more than enough.

I've gone from right to left. I've seen the man behind the curtain. I've been the turkey voting against Thanksgiving for fifteen years with mixed results.

I'm old, I'm tired, I'm fat, and I'm lazy. Hell, I'm one company shutdown away from going full metal gypsy. But I still, somehow, believe in the American Dream -- not for me, but for millions upon millions of young folks who might, just might, find a way to save us all from ourselves.

There's no point in even looking at conservatives anymore. Go th through American history, and you will find nearly all of those silly clowns, from Buckley to Trump, screaming because their mothers' tits are all dried up.

I never voted for those or any other bullies. And I'm the farthest thing from a tough guy -- big and tall as I am, Tom Cruise could probably kick my ass in a street fight. But I hate bullies, I will not tolerate them, and given the chance, I will expose them for the cowards that they are.

This is the situation we're in now, my friend. Our democracy is on a tightrope right now. And as if that wasn't enough, Mother Earth is trying to decide whether to save or lose the humans -- and I totally don't like the way she's leaning, as far as Oklahoma is concerned.

This is not a goddamned game. This is about the survival of humankind.

Are you in or out? If you're in, then somewhere down the line, I'd like to trade stories with you.

If not, then fuck you.
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 6:59 PM PDT  
I would be willing to trade stories with an honest commentator.
But alas when listening to you I am reminded of the fable of the Scorpion and the frog. Just waiting until those who you covince of your sincereity are most vulnerable so you can betray them.
So yes I am in but I certainly hope that you can be kept in the waiting room so you cannot cause more evil.
You claim you are a "converted conservative" but will NOT admit to the evil you had promoted or stated that you even accept responsibility for the damage you have done.
Nor will you list the "conservative" ideologies that you ascribed or admit were foul beyond beleif.
As for you well with your work for the "conservative" messageing from before 2000 well that pretty much helped to fuck the country and the world.
Either repent the error of your ways in detail and expose any communications you ever had with this scum or take your bogus crocadile tears elsewhere.
You are right this is not a game and you are not allowed to claim the right for a mulligan when you never admitted to your past errors.
You can't take a shot then pretend to ignore it while teeing up for another free shot.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:31 PM PDT  
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