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Sunday, August 27, 2017

environmental news stories sunday

houston....we have a problem.

climate change is bringing "new normals" to the world, but you don't see the talking heads on the sunday tv shows talking much about it, let along discussing solutions.

a texas newsroom predicted a disaster. now it’s close to coming true. the texas tribune and propublica last year published a multi-part investigation looking at what would happen if houston was hit by a major hurricane. columbia journalism review.  

the danger of storms hitting near chemical plants. the large number of refineries and petrochemical plants means that the gulf coast region has large numbers of chemical and oil tank farms and, in some cases, open storage pits. - wapo

hurricane harvey could also be a major pollution disaster.the powerful storm is headed straight toward the heart of the american petrochemical industry, while a key epa response position remains unfilled.- new republic  

how an oregon activist's barn produced the 'poison papers' that aids in a lawsuit against monsanto. bending a rusted, gnarled piece of wire gate just above her head, carol van strum ducked into the old, dark shed where she kept some old, dark secrets. - st. louis public radio  

california towns tackle nitrate pollution with local solutions. it will take decades to slow nitrate contamination in groundwater from industrial agriculture in parts of the state of california, so communities are taking matters into their own hands to get clean drinking water. - water deeply  

climate change triggers need to spend more on infrastructure in canada. extreme weather caused by climate change is exacerbating the need to repair ontario’s aging roads, bridges, waterworks, and other infrastructure, a leading business group warns - toronto star  

another us agency deletes references to climate change on government website. the national institutes of health deleted multiple references to climate change on its website over the summer, continuing a trend that began when the trump administration took charge of the dot.gov domain. - the guardian  

france's answer to 'an inconvenient truth' will inspire you to fight climate change."demain" (tomorrow, in english), showcases projects from across the world — urban farms, finnish education initiatives, composting — for the most part undertaken by ordinary people who decided in small ways to fix their corner of the world. - ozy

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