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Monday, May 29, 2017

environmental news stories monday

for those pesky little stories that don't seem to get the coverage they deserve.

will trump overturn the ban on uranium mining around the grand canyon? environmentalists are worried that the obama administration's moratorium on uranium mining in the area surrounding the grand canyon could be up next on the chopping block - phoenix new times  

meet jane, a climate scientist who fled trump’s government.worries about science censorship drove her from her post at the energy department. - high country news  

storage of nuclear waste poses threat to us, scientists warn. the reluctance of u.s. federal regulators to require operators of nuclear reactors to spend $5 billion to enhance the security of spent fuel rods stored underground threatens the country with a potential catastrophe, scientists warned on friday. - reuters  

california legislature can prove drought lessons were learned.a package of bills now before lawmakers has the potential to ensure long-term water supply planning and preparedness for future droughts - water deeply  

firm behind dakota access pipeline faces intense scrutiny for series of leaks. the oil company behind the dakota access pipeline is facing intense scrutiny from regulators and activists over a series of recent leaks across the country, including a major spill now believed to be significantly bigger than initially reported. - the guardian  

rising seas may wipe out these jersey towns, but they're still rated aaa. when ocean county wanted to sell $31 million in bonds maturing over 20 years, neither of its two rating companies, moody’s investors service or s&p global ratings, asked any questions about the expected effect of climate change on its finances - bloomberg
trump budget's cuts to climate 'totally inexplicable,' former agency heads say. 'i think we’re going to see a huge backlash,' said former bush epa chief christine todd whitman - insideclimate news 

st. petersburg's ballooning sewage debt could threaten credit rating (but there's a hail mary plan to avoid that). the city needs a lot of money — $435 million over the next five years — most of it to fix its leaky sewer pipes and aging sewer plants - tampa bay times

 feds tell lake erie to drop dead. it is outrageous and disheartening that the federal government has turned its back on lake erie. but it has. - toledo blade  

where nestlé guzzles water, locals doubt claims of negligible impact. bottling operations can draw 130 million gallons a year from a well in northwestern michigan at almost no cost to nestlé. its application to pump even more has opened a political fight. - nytimes
hanford nuclear cleanup budget slashed in energy proposal. washington state’s hanford nuclear reservation, scene of a recent collapse of a tunnel containing nuclear waste, would see its funding slashed under president donald trump’s new budget proposal - bloomberg

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