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Sunday, January 08, 2017

sunday environmental stories

for those stories that you might not hear on the usual talking head shows...in this "make america great again®" era.

how california went from drought to dangerous rain and snow. after years of dry conditions, california is getting its winter back. - latimes
epa head's top regret: failing to connect with rural america. among the millions of rural americans who voted for incoming president donald trump, the u.s. environmental protection agency's legacy of hard-nosed regulation earned it a reputation as a jobs killer - a fact that outgoing epa director gina mccarthy says could prove to be one of her biggest regrets - reuters

perry and pruitt: texas, oklahoma may call the climate tune under trump. two republicans from texas and oklahoma – where oil and gas rule politics – may be about to apply their state governments’ approaches to climate change to the whole country. - texas climate news

sensing gains ahead under trump, the kochs court minorities. anticipating a fossil fuel resurgence, the ultraconservative brothers, who run an oil and petroleum conglomerate, are busily expanding their outreach - the new york times

beavers, imports from canada, are threatening primeval forests of patagonia. seventy years later, the placement of the nonnative, wood-chewing mammals in fagnano lake along the chile-argentina border is viewed as a colossal mistake - latimes

falcons, drones, data: a winery battles climate change. jackson family wines of sonoma, calif., is among winemakers employing both high-tech and old-school techniques to adapt to hotter, drier conditions - ny times

stifling smog shows china's struggle to balance economic needs with public health. with 24 cities on 'red alert' due to serious air pollution amid a surge in industrial production, china wrestles with the environmental challenges of a boom and bust economy - christian science monitor

seeing the devastation of climate change in the ruins of aleppo. i recently followed a drone through the ruined syrian city of aleppo, courtesy of youtube. the destruction was sobering, to say the least - latimes

federal climate investigation of exxon likely to fizzle under trump. sen. jeff sessions, donald trump's choice as attorney general, has been a vocal opponent of investigating the oil giant for climate fraud- inside climate news

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