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Monday, September 12, 2016

monday: sleep

rich people are bragging about their luxurious panic rooms

are sex worker rights women's rights?

stop killing coyotes

wyoming says it owns the wind, and is taxing those who use it

a debt collector came after me for $36 worth of girl scout cookies
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Rebecca Solnit: "The term 'elite panic' was coined by [sociologists] Caron Chess and Lee Clarke of Rutgers. Elite panic [is] the way that elites, during disasters and their aftermath, imagine that the public is not only in danger but also a source of danger. In case after case how elites respond in destructive ways, from withholding essential information, to blocking citizen relief efforts, to protecting property instead of people.

"[Elites] believe that only their power keeps the rest of us in line and that when it somehow shrinks away, our seething violence will rise to the surface—that was very clear in Katrina."

Constant elite panic leads to luxurious panic rooms and a society built on fear and terror.
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