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Sunday, December 20, 2015

i met him on the sunday

why do goldman sachs bankers keep landing top spots at the federal reserve?

the 20 wealthiest americans now own more than 50% of u.s. population

why does so much recyclable plastic end up as garbage?

lawmakers offer prayers to gun victims; receive large checks from the nra

 pbut a whopping 80% of americans want tougher gun laws

9 things people always say at zoning hearings, illustrated by cats
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goood luck
commented by Anonymous Cytotec, 9:08 AM PST  
nice info
commented by Anonymous Obat Telat Bulan, 9:08 AM PST  
so 20 people own more that 175 million people? I thought owning people was outlawed.

signed - the pedantic asshole
I have to laugh to keep frpm killing myself.
commented by Blogger frankly, 1:59 PM PST  
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