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Sunday, March 29, 2015

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories that don't seem to get their fair share of air time. and for those of us in california, we absolutely need to talk about the environment and the consequences of our drought.

lake cachuma, santa barbara's main water supply source, is at 28% capacity. forget a so-called isis threat to solvang...what are we going to do without water. that is the real threat.

now is not the time to bandy about theories about a pilot with mental illness...now is the time to absolutely have discussions on those lawmakers and lobbyists in washington, d.c. who are suffering from mental illness in refusing to act on scientific facts and reality and driving our world to the environmental brink and risking billions of lives. it's time to call out those in the media who do not question those spewing forth false and delusional statements.

rant over.

california drought: sierra nevada snowpack hits historic low. the abominable snowpack in the sierra nevada reached an unprecedented low this week, dipping below the historic lows in 1977 and 2014 for the driest winter in 65 years of record-keeping - sfchron

preparing for tomorrow’s storms. californians are understandably focused on the state's severe drought, now in its fourth year. But drought is not the only environmental risk the state's residents face. - nytimes

illegal pot farms are literally sucking california salmon streams dry. northern california pot farmers are using up all of the water that normally supports key populations of the region's federally protected salmon and steelhead trout - mother jones

the salton sea: a time-bomb amid california drought. in the fourth year of a historic drought in the western united states, some say the salton sea is an environmental time bomb - afp

president ted cruz’s dystopian america: the scorched hellscape of a climate-denying white house. an energy policy like cruz’s could, to the incredibly uninitiated, indeed be great for the country - but knowing what we do of its consequences, we can only call it what it is: a disaster in the making. - salon

climate change could ruin your dinner. climate change could have an impact so real you can literally taste it. a report from australia suggests increased temperatures due to greenhouse gas emissions could change the way foods taste and make some vegetables, fruits and seafood varieties harder to find - cbs news

beavers are being looked at as little climate change fighting machines. sarah konigsberg is documenting the efforts of six people across the us who are working to bring the big-tailed and bucktoothed beavers back to lakes and rivers across the country. - pri

tuolumne co. launches program to install water tanks to homes. drought conditions are so bad in california that in some places turning on the tap and having nothing come out is becoming more common.- kcra

chile declares forest fires alert. chile has declared a national alert because of wildfires in three national parks and reserves threatening trees, some a thousand years old. firefighters have been fighting the flames for more than a week in the southern region of araucania hit by years of drought - bbc

in a warmer world, researchers say climate change is intensifying california's water crisis. environmental scientists are racing to understand what’s causing this drought and whether global warming is playing a role. nasa, for example, recently warned that in the next century there could be water shortages that last for decades. - kalw

will california's drought affect hydroelectric power? this past winter has produced a record low amount of snow in california, meaning less runoff to power hydroelectric dams. will the state's energy supply suffer? - christian science monitor

it is actually illegal in colorado to collect the rain that falls on your home​. water laws are so strict in colorado that rainwater collection is virtually prohibited. the doctrine is written into the state’s constitution. - wapo

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