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Sunday, March 22, 2015

environmental news stories sunday

world water day - #cadrought edition.

santa barbara's main water source, cachuma lake, is at 28% capacity.
do you know where your water comes from and how much is there?

california staring at decline in hydro-power due to drought. california is staring at a massive decline in the hydro-power as the state enters fourth year of drought, claimed as an impact of climate change by many. After the scarcity of water for crops and public use, issues for the hydropower sector will be difficult for the state to manage - uncover california

water restrictions are just a taste of what's to come for california. the $1-billion emergency measures announced thursday by gov. jerry brown and legislative leaders are fine for near-term relief, but fall far short of what's needed to respond to what may well be our own millennium drought. - latte times

california targets wrong water wasters. as the state's water supply plummets to scary levels, officials are going after people who overwater their lawns. that's a good idea. but they're not the worst culprits - east bay express

to fight the drought in california, we need more than just rain. as california faces its fourth consecutive year of drought, officials say heavy rainfall alone will not be enough to restore the groundwater we need. - new america media

drought stricken california only has one year of water left, nasa scientist warns. as california experiences the fourth year of one of the most severe droughts in its history, a senior nasa scientist has warned that the state has about one year of water left - the guardian

overpumping of central valley groundwater creating a crisis, experts say. in a large swath of the san joaquin valley, growers have been sucking more water from its sands and clays than nature or man puts back for going on a century - latte times

state's farmers begin to confront their ominous groundwater shortage. california perpetual problem of groundwater depletion has gotten so dire that people are actually working to solve it.- climate wire

new data on california drought present sobering picture for residents. the snowpack in california is at just 19 percent of the average for early march, a nearly historic low. thousands of farmworkers are out of work, and gov. jerry brown is asking californians to conserve more. - christian science monitor

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Don't always seem to go
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'Til it's gone.

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