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Sunday, February 01, 2015

blogroll amnesty day 2015!!

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thanks to our buddy dan at pruning shears [ed. note:  and blckdrd, who commented first!] we are reminded that this is the anniversary of the traditional al weisel/jon swift memorial blogroll amnesty day memorium and celebration.

an explanation of the history and motivations behind this celebration can be found here.  the rules, set out by blue gal, are here.  ego satisfaction in the form of a meme-orandum post when this tradition was really taking off can be found here.

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short version:  blogtopia (and yes, we coined that phrase) only works if we support each other (no, it's not very libertarian of us, thanks for noticing).  so it behooves us all, even if we don't have hooves, to give attention in the form of linkage to our favorite blogs that don't get as much traffic as our own (paying it downward, as it were).

please feel free to email us with any and all posts about b.a.d. and we will happily link to them.

in the meantime, we'd like to draw your attention to herlander walking, a friend of this blog and great supporter, who doesn't get enough traffic for her musings.  please stop by and say hello. [ed. note: syrbal informs us she's on hiatus at herlander walking, and says she's hiding out at experiential pagan.  so go see her there, instead.]

also, we've know gmoke of solarray and hubevents personally since we met him at the first dkos convention, so give him some traffice love!

and tho we're sure these guys get far more traffic than we do these days, be sure to stop by and say hello to

vagabond scholar
bad tux the snarky penguin
mike the mad biologist
whiskey fire
the field negro
simply left behind 

and we'd be remiss without thanking

john, susie, mike and the whole team at crooks and liars
blue gal
athenae and her gang at first draft
(existential shout out to former first draftian holden caufield, who used to blog here at skippy's, and now no longer appears on the internet anywhere ever, by his own choice... how j.d. salinger of him!)
jesse over at pandagon

and of course, our one and only cookie jill 

remember, blogging is like herd immunity.  it doesn't work unless we all participate!

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addendum: say hi to blckdgrd who started this year's whole b.a.d. celebration.  and why not stop by and give a visit to the afore-mentioned pruning shears while you're at it?

double addendumbildungblog will celebrate its 9th blogiversary this month!  stop by!

triple addendum:  onyx lynx joins the celebration!  
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You are so kind to mention Herlander Walking, and I thank you....but I am on hiatus there presently. I am hiding at my more personal blog at Experiential Pagan for a while as I rest up and take care of family matters. So visitors to Herlander will find nothing except my exit and archives for the foreseeable future.
commented by Anonymous Syrbal/Labrys, 2:51 PM PST  
commented by Anonymous haberler, 9:40 PM PST  
Max Speak was resurrected this year, and I think he'd happily exchange blogroll links when he notices.
commented by Anonymous joel hanes, 9:09 PM PST  
Thanks, skippy!
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 7:58 PM PST  
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