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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

resolution wednesday

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it's not the koran, it's us
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It's us? Really? So those 3000 people murdered in the World Trade Center bombing, including the little kids in the day care center, brought it on themselves?

Good to know.
commented by Blogger DBK, 6:20 PM PST  
DBK should really read some history.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:01 AM PST  
DBK knows more history than you ever could know. You should try to read what I said without the urge to blame the victims of a terrorist attack because you feel good about hating the United States. I know a shitload about US foreign policy as well as the decisions the British made in Persia, etc., but if you really think the little kids in the World Trade Center daycare were to blame for the attacks and deserved to die, then you are as contemptible as you are a snide little punk. If you want to say something to me, then don't come to me with this "DBK should do so and so" BS posted anonymously. Say what you have to say directly, not as a snide little pipsqueak remark tat says you probably know jack about history and are afraid to say something direct because you'll get your punk ass shown up. I have no respect for you because you decided to challenge me indirectly like a snotty little punk. I wipe my ass with snotty little punks like you.
commented by Blogger DBK, 6:18 PM PST  

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