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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

maybe tuesday

how companies fight to keep on the job injuries secret

suoer storm juno covers the east coast -- climate change, anyone?

4 places conservatives think women don't belong

halley's comet could hit the earth in 2061

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National Review, the source for the comet story is a bullshit generator, not a real news source.

I WISH Halleys would hit the earth & make it soon but neither of those two things is going to happen in 2016 or anytime in 20 generations. Farther away than that I don't know because I have not looked.
commented by Blogger frankly, 5:54 PM PST  
Yea, but you gotta admit the line "We call it `Puckering.’ It just so happens that as Halley’s comet passed Uranus in 2012, the `Puckering’ effect was at its fullest, and Uranus Puckering at that moment may have had catastrophic consequences for us here on Earth.” was worth it.
commented by Blogger PeterC, 5:18 AM PST  

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