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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

green bottle wednesday

marijuana growers are not necessarily good for the environment

limbaugh shown to be least reliable source of news

census proves: floridians are worse off than 5 years ago

i hate i heart radio

and rip watergate-era washpost editor ben bradlee
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Marijuana cultivation is eco-destructive primarily because it's illegal in the places best suited for it.

When Iowa and southern Illinois can grow vast flat fields on deep topsoil that needs no irrigation,
and use modern farm machinery to do so, the cowboy cultivators of hidden, hand-tilled, hand-irrigated plots in isolated National Forests will be unable to compete on price. When gardners and amateurs in California and Colorado can openly grow in their own backyards, the cowboys will have competition for potency and strain development.

As during Volstead Act days, it's lawlessness stemming from prohibition that creates gangsters, and their victims.
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good point joel
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