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Sunday, September 21, 2014

environmental news stories sunday

climate change edition.

and, surprise...surprise...the corporate sunday talk shows complete ignored today's historic climate march.

king fire update: massive force battles blaze; smoke spreads over wide area. all the numbers have gotten bigger for the king fire today. fire officials say — here, on inciweb’s king fire page — that the area covered by the blaze is now 81,000 acres (that’s the number released this morning, so it’s bigger now). about 4,900 personnel are assigned to fight the blaze — the largest contingent assigned to a fire in california this year. - kqed san francisco

the pacific starfish die-off continues, but there is new hope. a grisly horror show is playing out along the west coast of north america. remains of millions of dead and dying sea stars, commonly known as starfish, litter the shoreline from vancouver to san diego - newsweek

in maine, climate change is taking a toll. in maine, a state with the highest percentage of forested land and a long, famously scenic coastline, where timber and fisheries remain at the heart of the economy, climate change has become an immediate concern. - boston globe

losing ground in louisiana. levees along the mississippi river and years of oil and gas extraction have caused dramatic erosion and subsidence in louisiana - living on earth

meet bill mckibben, the man behind massive 'people's climate march' rally. bill mckibben wrote the first big book about global warming, a work he hoped would startle the world like a fire alarm. but the planet just kept on hurtling toward an overheated doom, he noticed. so twenty-five years later, he’s come up with a shriller, more literal strategy for reform: actual alarms - nbc news

hundreds protest climate change along 2 miles of wilshire boulevard. Hundreds of people protesting climate change picketed street corners saturday along a 2-mile stretch of wilshire boulevard in los angeles. the spread-out rally was one of seven staged in cities across california as a preview of a demonstration expected to draw as many as 400,000 on sunday in new york city - latte times

more than dangerous: naomi klein takes on climate deniers. the disturbing implications of climate change are rarely taken to their logical conclusions in public discussion. "people are not being told the truth," one scientist told fairfax media this week. "it's an event to which species will struggle to adapt. this is more than dangerous." - sydney morning herald

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