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Sunday, September 21, 2014

assemblymember das williams

the hardest working elected official guy around. seriously.

don't let the stories of miscreant politicians sway your opinion of those who chose public service to actually make a change in their communities and in the lives of their constituents.

as colbert would say, das represents the "fighting 37th" assembly district in california, which includes my little red-tiled town of santa barbara, as well as goleta, carpinteria, solvang, ojai and ventura. it's a big territory, and das and his staff are determined to listen to and represent us all.

whether it be attending sbcc science students project presentations, visiting local farms, presenting disaster preparedness events, writing legislation acknowledging the importance of bees to our food system, working to get more students into and through college without selling out their financial futures, saving people from toppled carriages or picking up trash along the local beaches for coastal clean up day, das seems to be everywhere.

i want what vitamins he's taking.

on this day of nationally acknowledging the climate, i just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge what an inspiration my local ecologically "with it" assemblymember has been to me.

thanks, das.

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