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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

hooray for tuesday

the va scandal exposes the folly of metrics

beware the mayfly

here's a map of boston with a 7.5 coastal flood

the u of chicago has an underground robot library

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OT but good news.

Eleven years ago or a bit more, Skippy celebrated the one-year blogiversary of MaxSpeak [You Listen]

Years ago Max went away, where the blogs go when they go away. (He left us a jpg of Billy Cristol as Miracle Max answering the door: "We're closed!") His disconsolate comentariat wandered off and founded other sites in Blogtopia (AYSDKTT), some of which are still going, and some of which have also gone away.

Wonderful to relate, Max Speak, You Listen! is live again. He still does blogrolls. He hasn't gotten more circumspect during the hiatus.
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