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Sunday, June 29, 2014

environmental news stories sunday and happy birthday to das williams

for those little pesky stories that they weren't talking about on the sunday shows this morning.

but first, a big 4-0 birthday shoutout to my hardworking, environment loving assemblymember, das williams!
(i think the hardest working ca state assemblymember)

new threats to honeybees put us food supply at risk. modern farm economics have created an enormously productive system of genetically engineered, chemically dependent agriculture. but it relies on just one domesticated insect to deliver a third of the food on our plate. and that insect is dying, a victim of the very food system that has come to depend on it. - star tribune

isis, water scarcity: is climate change destabilizing iraq? a series of un reports released earlier this year found that global warming is already destabilizing nation states around the world, and syria has been no exception - slate

nasa mission to map carbon dioxide from space. if you have ever had a medical check-up, you have probably been asked to blow into a hand-held device that calculates the amount of air you can hold in your lungs. In the early hours of tuesday in california, nasa will launch into space a similar, albeit much larger, instrument that captures the "breath" of the earth - sydney morning herald

fresno's driest 3 years on record. california got just enough rain to avoid the driest winter in memory, but fresno still will reach an all-time landmark — the worst three-year drought since record-keeping began in 1878 - fresno bee

firehawk super chopper fights california wildfires. they call it the firehawk. los angeles county fire Department senior pilot tom short talks about this helicopter like it's a super chopper. And a firefighting super-chopper is especially valuable now, as california braces for what may be one of the worst wildfire seasons on record - cnn

companies 'work around' u.s. oil export ban. companies and federal officials are finding a way around a 1970s-era u.s. ban on crude oil exports by slightly processing some of the rising amounts of oil extracted from the nation's shale deposits - usa today

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