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Sunday, April 27, 2014

environmental stories sunday

i've been a little busy trying to get signatures for a "ban fracking" initiative on the ballot in santa barbara county...and, of course, it is campaign season so i've been volunteering for our local surfing assemblyman, das williams. oh, and in reading the news and meeting seriously angry voters...i'm suffering from depression.

so..what have ya'll been up to?

anyway...on to those stories you may have missed on the corporate controlled lamestream media.

flaming water: texas homeowner takes on a gas company. steve lipsky, an entrepreneur and businessman, lives to the west of fort worth in a sprawling mediterranean-style dream house. since he found methane contaminating his water well, he has waged a legal battle against the gas company range resources - al jazeera america

how gmo labeling came to pass in vermont. sen. bobby starr gives little thought to whether there are genetically modified organisms in his food. as chairman of the senate agriculture committee, he was dubious of a bill to require labeling of foods that contain gmos. but by mid-february, starr's committee had voted out a bill, and he was a supporter. - burlington free press

company suspected of dumping radioactive waste in montana ordered to stop. a louisiana trucking company believed to have illegally dumped radioactive waste in an eastern montana landfill for nearly two years has been ordered to stop by state officials - missoulian

ground zero for future of oyster farming. with consumers wolfing down millions of its shellfish every year and clamoring for more, hog island oyster co. should be sitting pretty on a bountiful estuary abutting point reyes national seashore. but the industry’s future is clouded by climate change, and hog island is at ground zero. - santa rosa press democrat

sweet crude on the seashore. tucked in a coastal canyon is the oil and gas processing plant known as the ellwood onshore facility (eof), which treats the flow of fossil fuels being collected by platform holly from deep beneath the ocean floor and sent to shore every second of the day - sb independent

texas family plagued with ailments gets $3m in fracking judgment. when the parr family started having serious health problems late in 2008, they had no idea it was associated with what they call "a multitude" of drilling operations that popped up near their 40-acre ranch in decatur, 60 miles northwest of dallas. - cnn

cuba’s burgeoning private sector hungry for flora and fauna. the lack of markets to supply raw materials for cuba’s new private sector, along with the poverty in isolated rural communities, is fuelling the poaching of endangered species of flora and fauna. forests, which cover just under 29 percent of the territory of this caribbean island nation, are suffering the consequences. - inter press

chemical banned in europe is probably on your apple - grist

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