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Monday, January 27, 2014

Random Notes, 27 Jan 2014

Not to be confused with Skippy's daily updates, which provide useful information.

Now that "The Beer-Googles Song" has won Record of the Year, can we just admit it's 1976 again? Or at least find out what happened to Sisqo?

This should surprise no one. As Hamilton Nolan at Gawker notes

[T]he companies that send delegates to Davos underperform the market as a whole. So we may say that the typical Davos delegate is a rich European Harvard grad businessman who's not even good at his job.

Noah Smith has been >bashing DSGE Models while claiming to be bashing Macroeconomics. Since he has correctly identified the bollocks of The Lucas Critique as the root cause (and now has a helper piling on), isn't it time he got off his arse and started suggesting a solution? Otherwise, he's going to sound like Robert Waldmann (especially here) from months four years ago. Is our economists learning?

And Bleg of the Day:

Do I have to root my Verizon mobile to get rid of the PoS "NFL Mobile" app that is allegedly a "System Application"? Where is Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson when we need him?

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