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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

april, spring, summer and wednesdays

there are literally no recorded examples of strangers killing random children with trick or treat candy

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On poisoned candy/razor blades in apples paranoia.

I am I think of an age with Skippy or some years older (1957) and my cohort did grow up with these stories. On the other hand it was a relatively new thing in the early sixties to actually give wrapped/store bought candy as opposed to homemade "treats". Which of course would be the easiest to poison, adulterate, put razor blades into.

Which leads this cynical bastard to wonder how much of this "media" legend was really a "Mars" "Hershey" "Smarties" driven marketing campaign to convince candy givers and parents of trick or treaters to insist on "wholesome" wrapped candy from the Supermarket rather than Poison Apples from that "Lady On the Corner You are Pretty Sure is a Witch Rather Than a Lonely Old Lady Who Loves Seeing Tiny Tykes Faces Light Up When Given Her Famous Cookies"

Fear as marketing by major corporations? Nah! What am I thinking?
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