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Friday, September 20, 2013

Corporate Meritocracy Explained

  1. In the midst of a rant, a truth from Gawker:

    Specifically, according to Forbes, he was worth $16 billion [four years ago]. So in the course of his first two terms as mayor, Bloomberg gained $11 billion. As of this past spring, his third term had seen him gain another $11 billion.

    It's a biographical oddity. For one thing, it means that Bloomberg L.P. has flourished wildly ever since its indispensable chief executive officially removed himself from the company's operations....Getting rid of Michael Bloomberg as CEO would appear to be the most lucrative business decision Michael Bloomberg ever made. [emphasis mine]

  2. From today's FT, page one, paragraph one, right column, above the fold*:

    Stephen Elop is to receive an €18,800,000 pay-off to move from Nokia [back] to Microsoft, our about €1,000,000 for every €1,000,000,000 [not a typo] of market value lost under his leadership of the mobile phone group.
Tell me (again) about the Superstars, George. *No link, since the FT doesn't allow its subscribers access to its website without paying 50% more and going through a labyrinthine login process.
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