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Saturday, August 24, 2013

yosemite national ... disaster

the rim fire is raging uncontrollably up north...threatening the water and power to the city. where is @karlthefog when you need him.
a wildfire raging along the northwest edge of yosemite national park gained strength saturday morning as firefighters scrambled to protect nearby mountain communities.

...the fire has grown so large and is burning dry timber and brush with such ferocity that it has created its own weather pattern, making it difficult to predict in which direction it will move.

...the fire is burning toward the hetch hetchy reservoir, where san francisco gets 85 percent of its water and power for municipal buildings, the international airport and san francisco general hospital. gov. jerry brown declared a state of emergency because of the threats. - sj mercury news
these firefighters and pilots are awesome.

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@karlthefog never makes it up to Hetch Hetchy.

The hydroelectic power from Hetch Hetchy has already been shut down when the work crews were evacuated, and San Francisco is currently purchasing power from PG&E to keep its municipal utilities going. There is also enough water in the reservoirs above San Francisco to keep the taps running for a few weeks without Hetch Hetchy, and hopefully the fires will be over by then. But if Hetch Hetchy gets contaminated by ashes to the point where water cannot be pumped for months until the contaminants settle out, things are going to get... interesting... for San Francisco and, indeed, for much of the Bay Area. My own water comes from wells, but the neighborhood down the street gets their water from Hetch Hetchy. There's going to be some serious water rationing going on if Hetch Hetchy is shut down for any significant period of time.

- Badtux the Bay Penguin
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