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Monday, August 12, 2013

Bringing an Audience to Deserving Bloggers, With Baseball

It's not Reverse Amnesty Day or anything like that, but what's the point of having access to A Major Blog if I cannot promote a blog post by my youngest daughter's kindergarten teacher?

Especially when said Daughter is several years older now, and the blogger in question has rather a way with conveying a character's ebullient personality:

[T]he girl and her grandpa came down and sat a few seats away from me in the same row. The girl could not contain herself she was so enthusiastic! She remarked on how empty the stands were but told her grandpa she was so happy that they got there early so that he could get her such great seats.

She knew so much about baseball! She followed every play of the game. She cheered for the players by their numbers or their names. She yelled to the umpire when the fans thought he missed a play at the plate. She knew all of the terms and even cheered for the player who made a “pick off” to cause an out.

Throughout the game, she kept telling her grandpa just how happy she was and I heard her thank him over and over again. Partially through the game, she began talking to me. She told me her name and asked me mine. She introduced me to her grandpa. She asked me why they did not have many fans there, (to which I had no answer). She told me that she was from Pennsylvania and was visiting her grandpa while her parents were on a vacation. She told me all of the fun things they had been doing. She told me about her school and she was not there because it was summer I told her that I was a teacher and I was not there for the same reason.

She smiled through the whole game and it was contagious.

Ah, to be young and alive again. Or to be able to convey the same.

Go Read The Whole Thing.
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Not sure if I ever thanked you for sharing this Mr. Houghton. I was searching for something on my blog today and this popped up. I appreciate you reading it!
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