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Monday, July 08, 2013

fear of koch

the koch brothers are paying big bucks to spread fear of the new healthcare law. they want to kill obamacare. they want to americans to die.
the conservative advocacy group americans for prosperity, bankrolled by the billionaire koch brothers, is spending more than $1 million in an ad blitz aimed at undermining confidence in the law. in a new television spot that will first air in ohio and virginia before expanding to other states, the group suggests that obamacare will limit americans' health care choices while raising their insurance premiums.

...In addition to this ad, americans for prosperity has also launched a companion website, obamacareriskfactors.com, that contains ominous warnings about how the law could alter people's existing health insurance.
meanwhile, where are the democrats informing people of what is involved in the affordable healthcare act. nothing but crickets, really. - the week

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