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Sunday, June 16, 2013

why aren't the banksters in jail?

seriously.... and i wonder if all this spying on americans involves the banksters...probably not, yet they have done more damage to our country than any "terrorist" has. let's call them what they are. financial terrorists.
bank of america rewarded staff with cash bonuses and gift cards for meeting quotas tied to sending distressed homeowners into foreclosure, former employees said in court documents.

mortgage workers falsified records and were told to delay u.s. loan-assistance applications by requesting paperwork that the bank had already received, according to statements from ex-employees filed last week in federal court in boston. the lender improperly disqualified applicants to the home affordable modification program, according to a May 23 statement from simone gordon, a loss-mitigation specialist who left the company in 2012. - denver post


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While Congress is up Obama's skirts about this, that and the other, there are hard-working folks losing their homes to this type of unethical shenanigans from BOA. Pure corruption at its best. The only person on the hill that is shouting to the rooftop is Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The only way to affect the BOA's of this world is to boycott their bank and their bank services. They have waged war on the middle class of this country. If you don't stand up to them, then you get what you deserve. We as Americans have short memories...very sad. Call your senator,call your rep and call the POTUS!! Let them know we are not pleased with this type of treatment. In the meantime, MOVE your monies to your local credit union.
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