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Thursday, April 18, 2013

what a freakin' week

it has depressed me more than anything of late. and, being unemployed with a broken down car and no healthcare, i am depressed.

but this week shown a light on a seriously dark side to our country and it's future.

we saw heroics amongst tragedy on monday in boston.
we saw poisonous letters sent to elected officials on tuesday.
we saw what lack of regulation, city planning and oversight could result in on wednesday in texas.
we saw spineless cowards value money over human life in d.c. on wednesday
we saw affects of climate change wreak havoc in chicago today.
now we have a shooting on the mit campus in cambridge....

i truly dread what will happen tomorrow.

if we could honor the short life of martin richards by following his words....

Martin Richard 8yrold

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If you are anywhere near I could maybe fix the car? 25 plus year retired mechanic/smog tech.
w3ski@volcano.net(s/e Sac Ca.)
commented by Blogger w3ski, 10:34 AM PDT  
THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT TO COMMENT ON YOU ASSHOLE ??? A FUCKING CAR!!!!! Do you even KNOW what happened in Boston this week ???? YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:30 PM PDT  
Whoah! Someone offered to help w something that CAN be fixed. No need to go postal.
Sure yes, it has been a hellish week, and our main wage earner here lost his job & is unemployed as well & the job situation is bleak & terrorism, done by any entity is horrendous. Too bad the US is not shown footage of what Drone bomb drops do in foreign countries & the terror that (literally) rains down on them. Yes, innocents & children are killed & maimed too, we just don;t hear about it in those breaking news reports.
Just sayin'-- the chants of USA after they captured the Boston bombers, kind of make me cringe-- because I am patriotic... and wish this country was not the perpetrator of such acts.

There is much to be depressed about.
On both personal and *humanity* levels.
No shortage of mad men in this world, and much suffering.
To offer a random act of kindness is what we need more of. IMHO.
commented by Blogger Fran, 10:05 AM PDT  

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