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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sportswriter Should Not Be Allowed Near Analogies

I am thrilled that (almost) everyone is speaking positively about Jason Collins coming out yesterday, even though most reports and reporters are writing as if he were the first professional sports player this year. Or even a first for a professional basketball player.

After Dr. Black correctly named Charles Broussard "Wanker of the Day" for his inability to read the Bible, you would think sportswriters would at least try to make certain their references were correct. (in best John Belushi voice:) But, NO:

Collins said he went through something akin to a 12-step program while deciding to come out, dealing with emotions such as anger and denial.

"But when you finally get to that point of acceptance, there's nothing more beautiful than just allowing yourself to really be happy and be comfortable in your own skin," Collins said.

12-step program? Maybe. But I refer you to Cliff Gorman doing a Dustin Hoffman imitation for the five steps being discussed:

Robbie Rogers (first link) had to retire at 25. Jason Collins, at 34, may have a season or two left in him. This is not death; this is the beginning of life.

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