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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

chuck hagel will give back part of his salary

to the department of defense in solidarity with his department's workers. no doubt the rwnj's are peeing their pants in anger.
defense secretary chuck hagel will give back a portion of his salary this fiscal year in solidarity with his department’s workers who are facing 14 days of furloughs, the pentagon said tuesday.

as a political appointee, hagel isn’t subject to the furloughs, but pentagon press secretary george little said he would take a pay cut along with the workers who must begin staying home later this year. - politico
now...if we could get some other peeps living in d.c. on the public tax money dole to do the same.
or, better yet....end this freakin' nightmare game of financial chicken and just end this sequestration.

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I am amazed that some think that because they are a government employee they should be immune from paycuts or layoffs. You know, the very things that make the private competitive. As for those in DC giving some of their jack back, how about paying it in the first place?

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