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Thursday, March 21, 2013

This is for Tim Duy

who, besides being a first-class Fed watcher,  first told me about Kellie Pickler.*

I'm thinking right now that Pickler is thinking to herself, "Dangitall, I wrote a song with Taylor Swift. Now she's on the cover of Vanity Fair, and I'm doing Dancing with the Stars."

Harkening back to better days, at least so far as my pop culture consumption is concerned, the song they wrote together. (Consider the Spanish subtitles to be lagniappe.)

*The only time I ever saw American Idol was when Fantasia made her first appearance. This probably ruins my image as a pop culture maven. Selah.

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The subtitles are in portuguese not spanish
commented by Anonymous Textículos, 3:11 PM PDT  
i happen to like both kelly pickler and taylor swift.
commented by Blogger skippy, 8:57 PM PDT  
I like Kelly Pickler, Taylor Swift AND lagniappe.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:04 AM PDT  
Well, we finally have something in common! I like them too. Country music is my favorite by far. Much more enjoyable than politics. At 62 I've had enough of that for a lifetime. My son introduced me to your Blog years ago, and I have learned a lot here. Hope you continue for years to come!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:07 PM PDT  

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