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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

rape is rape...and it's a crime

would the media and people be concerned about the future of the crime purpetrators of an armed robbery? of a drug running operation? of a kidnapping? why then do the futures of rapists concern the media more than the future of the victim?
the victim in the steubenville rape case, known in most (but not all) of the media coverage of the case as "jane doe", was taught by her rapists, her then-friends and much of her hometown that she doesn't matter. she didn't matter to the boys who made use of her unconscious body to satisfy their own sexual urges and desire for power; she didn't matter to her friends who sided with those boys; and she didn't matter to the football boosters in her hometown, who were unwilling to see their pride in the team tarnished by the actions of two of its players. - the guardian
rape is rape. it's not a "legitimate" or "illegitimate." it's rape. it's a violent crime.
a woman's body doesn't shut down during a rape...pregnancy can occur.
why do human beings see someone passed out and think that it is their right to mount them?

we are a sick, sick society. we need to change our thinking from "don't get raped" to don't rape.

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I just wonder if she'll now unmask and come out with guns blazing about the coverage of the "poor boys" who ruined her life?
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