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Friday, March 15, 2013

frankenfoods are hitchin' a ride

on a bill....
...the so-called “monsanto rider” is back, this time thanks to an anonymous senator, or group of senators, who have attached it to the must-pass “continuing resolution” that will keep the government operating as of march 27. let me just say that when it comes to congress — which is chockablock with men and women desperate for media attention — whenever you hear the word “anonymous” attached to anything, you know you there’s something sketchy going on.

tom philpott at mother jones did the yeoman’s service of digging out the exact language from the bill. right after the section where congress defunds the mohair subsidy program (you do know we have a mohair subsidy program, don’t you?), the draft legislation states that in the event that a court declares a genetically modified seed illegal, the u.d. department of agriculture can override the judge and allow farmers to keep planting, harvesting, and distributing it. - grist
one senator is fighting mad...and fighting against this "shady dealing" of monsanto and their minions.

senator jon tester of montana.
you..yes you...can help him. call or write your senator or sign the petition.

let's try to take back our country...one bite at at time. 

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