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Sunday, March 03, 2013

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories you that weren't bandied about on the talking head shows earlier today...

australia may have always been a land of drought and flooding rains but scientists say the nation is now experiencing a "climate on steroids". - radio australia
17,000 stranded as nsw floods continue. there have been nearly 1000 calls for help and 11 rescues in the past 24 hours as the nsw mid-north coast has been hit by heavy rain and flash flooding. more than 17,000 people in forster and tuncurry are currently stranded on the north coast due to the flood waters. - sydney morning herald

the big wet is far from over, with central queensland bracing for more flooding and the state’s north on cyclone watch. - brisbane times

droughts and floods 'will be common events in britain.' britain faces increasingly extreme weather conditions and urgently needs to improve its anti-flood defences and preparations for severe drought, says the environment agency. - london obeserver 
droughts and floods now the norm for britain with worst to come - metro

flooding in wales fuels worries over impact of climate change - wales online

drought revives texas' interest in reservoirs. texas’ interest in reservoirs is reviving as the drought persists and growing cities scramble for new water supplies. the state’s water planners envision 26 large new reservoirs over the next half-century, at a cost of $13.6 billion. - texas tribune

a confluence of myriad environmental threats facing minnesota and those charged with protecting its natural resources. the barrage threatens fish, wildlife and a way of life for many residents - minneapolis star tribune

pressure mounting to ban bee-killing pesticides. a powerful coalition of environmental groups is urging the scottish environment secretary, richard lochhead, to support a move by the european commission to restrict the use of nicotine-based nerve agents designed to kill insects that prevent crops from growing. - glasgow herald

van jones: keystone xl would be ‘the obama pipeline’ - grist

meet bill mckibben, the man behind the climate movement - treehugger

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A bigger problem than the pesticides is the GMO crops designed with their own built in pesticide. Nice going Monsanto.
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