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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

dylan ratigan had a show, eh eye eh eye oh

and then he gave it the heave ho....eh eye eh eye oh...
dylan then financed a farm...eh eye eye eye..wow!

...it was a three-tour iraq combat marine and his war-protestor wife who pointed me in a new direction. they were guests on my show last june discussing how they were bootstrapping their way to operate a high-yield hydroponic organic farm that uses 90% less water and produces three times as much food. it was a business that promised to cure food deserts – areas where access to fresh and healthy food is limited – while having the potential to create jobs for thousands of combat veterans, each of whom was the beneficiary of $1 million in military training while on active duty.
...last fall, i moved from nyc to north san diego county, just outside of the camp pendleton marine base, to work full-time with colin and karen archipley at their hydroponic organic farm, “archi’s acres.” after realizing how impressive their ideas and effectiveness are, i decided to invest the money that i earned for writing greedy bastards (which when combined with a loan from whole foods) to build a 30,000 square foot “farm incubator” that can serve as the prototype for job-creating, water-saving, food-producing, veteran-led hydroponic organic greenhouses nationwide. we’ve even enlisted major general melvin spiese and his wife filomena to join us in support of our mission to make this program more diverse and robust enough to build it into a nationwide network - dylanratigan.com

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