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Friday, February 01, 2013

the al weisel/jon swift memorial blogroll amnesty day #6

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yes, friends, once again it's time to celebrate the memory of our dear friend al weisel, aka jon swift, who (along with this blog) originated the concept of blogroll amnesty day back in 2008.

this is the sixth blogroll amnesty day celebration, and, unfortunately, the third without al.

so let's stroll back a couple of years for the exposition:

once again, it's time for our yearly celebration of blogroll amnesty day!

readers of this space know that b.a.d. is the holiday wherein we ask everyone in blogtopia (and yes, we coined that phrase) to link to 5 smaller blogs w/less traffic than theirs (no bad jokes about no blogs having less traffic than yours, please).

this way we all can introduce our readers to new voices in blogtopia (and yes, we coined that phrase)' as well as giving greater exposure to blogs which may otherwise go unnoticed.

of course, the impetus for this whole ordeal originated w/our dearly departed friend, the legendary jon swift, aka al weisel, who was quite upset by the original blogroll bloodbath and self-amnesty declaration by those big box blogs who shall not be named.

al, in his guise as conservative blogger jon swift, wondered why so-called liberal blogs would have the least liberal blogrolling policies. we here at skippy international joined al/jon in his mock self-righteousness, and thus, four years ago b.a.d. was born!

to begin this year's festivities, we'll let our other partner in this endeavor, blue gal, introduce some ground rules:
small and newbie bloggers please be aware of the ironclad rule that you are not allowed to make "hey no blog is as small as mine" jokes regarding blogroll amnesty day. the rule is, straight from the queen of the indy blogs herself (ahem), that you are not allowed to complain or mention your blog's low traffic until you have been posting daily for a year. if you're little, link other blogs that are new or still growing their audience, and encourage them to practice their craft daily. then, show them how.
truthfully. not only is the "there are no blogs smaller than mine" joke unoriginal, it's not funny, and is seriously whiny. unless you have a blog with literally zero traffic, which means that even you don't bother to read it, then you can bet there are blogs with traffic smller than yours. be a mensch. find them. link to them. help each other out.

one two more favors: you may write this post any time during this four-day festivus, but when you do, please forward a link of it to us, and we'll happily include it in one of several posts we'll be doing all thu-out the celebration.

also, if you would be so kind, please include a link to this very blog post in your own. last year we actually got a headline @ memeorandum (here), and, truth be told, we're itching for another.
so the rules are pretty simple: link to 5 smaller blogs than your own, and send a link to that post to us. that's all there is to it!
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Thanks for keeping the tradtion alive.Here's my post this year.
commented by Blogger zencomix, 7:55 AM PST  
Finally got my post together.

I have a horrible feeling that there is writing in the works...
commented by Blogger D., 4:43 PM PST  

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