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Sunday, January 27, 2013

sunday afternoon

why putting research behind a paywall is immoral

are you making these 4 credit card mistakes?

west point study on the 'violent right' finds 'dramtic increase' in attacks


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A family member kept getting slammed by credit card fines & fees, late charges, so when they finally paid it off, they called to close the account.

The reason you are closing the account?

A: I am morally opposed to credit cards.

Not only do they use (super) fine print, but they make it a very light grey color- making it even harder to read.

The article does not mention the word "variable rate" as a red flag either.
Borrowers can assume the rate is going to variate upward... but why gamble w them being able to mess w your interest rate.

Back in the Bush 2 era, my kid was offered 14% VARIABLE RATE college tuition loan!

Yea-- we took that seriously-- right to the shredder.

Under the Obama admin, college loans were offered at a fixed rate of 7% & he took out the middle man (banks).
The average college cost is $22K & that does not include housing, books, medical & meals etc.

Credit card companies prey on college students, offering credit cards to the inexperienced, who might get a good job post graduation (but many deeply in college loan debt).
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