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Thursday, January 10, 2013

skippy's thursday night music club

a little theatrical thursday selection....from one of my favorite democrats, gene kelly, and his on-screen partner, the incomparable judy garland.

kelly was a lifelong supporter of the democratic party which occasionally created difficulty for him as his period of greatest prominence coincided with the mccarthy era in the u.s. in 1947, he was part of the cfor the first amendment, the hollywood delegation which flew to washington to protest at the first official hearings by the house committee on un-aactivities. his first wife, betsy blair, was suspected of being a communist sympathizer and when mgm, who had offered blair a part in marty (1955), were considering withdrawing her under pressure from the american legion, kelly successfully threatened mgm with a pullout from it's always fair weather unless his wife was restored to the part. - wiki

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Er, the audio on the video is not what one expects.
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