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Friday, December 07, 2012

freaky friday

the fiscal cliff: made in the gop

how iceland recovered from the recession so quickly

the cost of tax cuts for the wealthiest americans since 2001

lost, anyone? island shown on maps and on google earth does not exist
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Check out this explanation of phantom shoals on maps (and of bogus common knowledge in general), as heard on _The Moby Dick Big Read_:

"There's the story of your obstinate survival of old beliefs, never bottomed on the earth.... There's orthodoxy....

Are you a believer in ghosts, my friend?"

(Advice for teabaggers from 1845..)

BTW, this is an excellent (and completely free) version of the classic, with many fine voice actors (Steven Fry, e.g.) taking on a chapter. Give it a revisit.

There are passages in Moby Dick that are so apt they really stick with you; this is definitely one of them. Well worth at least the 40-second listen from 3'03 to end of chapter.

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