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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

missouri showed 'em

mrs dbk and i were in st louis around the beginning of august, just taking a weekend to check out some more of our midwestern neighborhood (bogart's smokehouse is excellent, although they make their sauces a little too sweet for my taste, the gateway arch is amazing up close, and we really liked the cardinals' stadium, the fans, the whole game was a good time).  while there, we were treated, whenever we were near a tv set, to political ads.  there was a constant drumbeat of them and they went something like this:  "claire mccaskill is the worst human being who ever lived.  she wants to steal your money and murder your children.  yesterday she bit the head off a puppy and drank its blood.  don't vote for her or god will hate you forever."

yesterday's missouri election results show that you can show an awful lot of negative tv ads if you like, but if you're a jackass in a very public way, the way todd akins was this past summer, well, you get where this going. the ads i heard were so nasty and filled with hate-filled undertones that i am delighted their author was repudiated.  Those ads were contemptible and anyone who would permit them to be shown on his behalf is reprehensible.
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