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Friday, November 30, 2012

hostess gifts

yep. gifts, but not for the workers who actually made the product for the ding dongs and ho ho's "running" the company (into the ground.) seems a judge has sided with the "execs" and says it's ok to steal worker pension money to pay themselves for all the "good work." they've done. they get the creamy filling while giving the 18,500 workers the now stale spongy outside.

...while requesting permission for the bonuses, hostess’s lawyers also reported that it can’t pay retiree benefits, and quit contributing to the pension plan more than a year ago. which just might have had something to do with the level of anger among the employees. the latest bankruptcy filing is the second in a decade. -
 ...anyone can drive a business into bankruptcy. it’s not hard. hostess has done it twice. and the same people who achieved this are so valuable they need $100,000 each to stick around and finish the process? and we wonder why there are so many people out there willing to march around with placards denouncing the well off? - daily post

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