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Sunday, November 04, 2012

gop shenanigans in florida and ohio

i know...i know...shocking, right. other democracies make voting easy and mandatory for their citizens. here in the "oligarchic states of amercia", a certain party makes it tremendously difficult for citizens to participate in the democratic process.
there have been massive lines this weekend in the key swing states of florida and ohio, with some voters waiting six hours or more to cast their ballot. this is not an accident.

in ohio, after attempting to cancel weekend early voting all together, secretary of state jon husted (r) drastically rolled back early voting hours. in florida, gov. rick scott (r) reduced the number of early voting days from 14 to 8. - think progress
...last night, voters in miami-dade county were forced to wait in line up to six hours to vote. in some precincts voters who arrived at 7pm were not able to cast their ballots until 1am. in response, republican-affiliated election officials in miami-dade have effectively extended early voting from 1pm to 5pm today by allowing “in-person” absentee voting. but this accommodation will only be available in a single location in the most republican area of the county. - think progress

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