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Sunday, November 18, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories that aren't bandied about on the talking bobble head shows...

US power grid at risk for terror attack. A terrorist attack on the U.S. power grid could be more destructive than superstorm Sandy, possibly costing hundreds of billions of dollars and leading to thousands of deaths, the National Academy of Sciences says - bloomberg

Obama to address climate change, smog in second term. The president has been sending signals on the environment like policy test balloons. He mentioned climate change twice since re-election, once during his victory speech and during a press conference at the White House - san gabriel times tribune

GOP House leadership pledges to oppose climate change tax. Perhaps smarting from getting a zero percent return on investment from the $36.7 million spent bashing Barack Obama, the Koch Brothers' Super PAC Americans For Prosperity has narrowed its focus on a new enemy: a tax on carbon emissions. - mother jones

Alarm sounded as water rose. The one-two punch of Superstorm Sandy and a follow-up Nor’Easter got local lawmakers in Connecticut asking: How should the city deal with rising oceans and extreme weather brought on by global climate change? - new haven independent

Boulderites' film creating big buzz. It appears "Chasing Ice," the new documentary film created by a team from Boulder, is catching fire. The independently produced film about climate change grossed just less than $21,000 on a single screen in New York during the all-important opening weekend. - boulder daily camera

Flooding danger puts Sacramento at risk of a disaster worse than Sandy. Aside from New Orleans, Sacramento has the greatest flood risk of any major urban area in America, and a levee breach in Sacramento could cause many deaths and cripple the economy for 1.4 million people in the metro area who depend to some degree on the city of Sacramento staying dry - sacramento bee

 Exclusive: New Jersey railway put trains in Sandy flood zone despite warnings. New Jersey Transit's struggle to recover from Superstorm Sandy is being compounded by a pre-storm decision to park much of its equipment in two rail yards that forecasters predicted would flood, a move that resulted in damage to one-third of its locomotives and a quarter of its passenger cars - reuters

Take on climate change. It is long past time for our nation to take seriously the issue of climate change, so it is good that President Barack Obama last week said he wanted to open a national conversation on the issue. - carroll county times

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