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Sunday, October 07, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

a quick rundown on some stories that you probably didn't hear on the sunday talking head shows...or in the debate.

with gas firms entering central California, vineyard owners unsure of fracking effects on land. - gas companies are moving into california's vast central stretches in the hopes of turning the state's monterey shale into the next marcellus shale. and concerned residents are looking for answers - pittsburg gazette post gazette

climate change emerges as sleeper issue in Senate races. - climate change has become a sleeper issue in a number of Senate races as Democrats attempt to paint their opponents as extreme, based on their views on the issue - the hill

oceans' rising acidity a threat to shellfish - and humans. - as carbon dioxide continues to build up in the atmosphere as a result of burning fossil fuels, the seas absorb much of it. The full effects have yet to be felt - latimes

we ignore the environment as an issue at our peril. - our politicians won't get active on this issue until the voters demand it. Voters are understandably more concerned about their problems today (to wit, finding work.) but if they don't start looking they risk being blindsided by the most important issue of all. - scripps howard

climate linked to california er visits. - the risk of heading to the emergency room for certain conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, kidney disease and low blood pressure rises slightly as temperature and humidity increase, according to a new study from california - reuters health

presidential candidates debate science. - the televised presidential debate focused on the economy and domestic policy but ignored important questions about science and the environment. scientific american helps fill in the gap with 14 important science questions answered by each candidate

mystery of french bees making coloured honey is solved after keepers find m&m waste plant nearby. - since august, beekeepers around the town of ribeauville in the region of alsace have seen bees returning to their hives carrying unidentified colourful substances that have turned their honey unnatural shades - london daily mail

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