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skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

skippy on the loose!

one of our marsupial cousins, currently residing in germany, is on the lam! (or is that wallaby?) grist:

over the past weekend, three kangaroos at the hochwildschutzpark hunsrück near frankfurt chose the second option. with the help of their fellow animal park residents, who had already made (supposedly) coincidental escape hatches in various zoo enclosures, the kangaroos — skippy, jack, and mick — made a hop for it. as of monday, two of them had been caught, but one has managed to evade capture. zoo officials stressed that skippy, or whichever one it is, is friendly and poses no danger to the public. still, there is no telling what he might do if you try to take his seat in the qantas first class lounge.
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