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Sunday, August 26, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories that you won't be hearing on the sunday news talking head shows...that seem to invite the same inside washington d.c. peeps over...and over...and over again.

can we rely on our power grid? - as the eastern united states struggles to recover from yet another weather shock, energy officials are acknowledging climate change as a force that finally has to be reckoned with — even as concern grows over other threats that can set off catastrophic blackouts - asbury park press

what was behind mysterious collapse of the mayan empire? - scientists have found that drought played a key role in the decline of mayan empire, but the mayans appear to have exacerbated the problem by cutting down the jungle canopy to make way for cities and crops 

floating housing (and golf courses) for post-climate change island paradises. - a new resort development in the maldives (currently sitting five feet above sea level) will be ready if the country starts to go underwater – the whole thing is already floating - fast company

ahead of isaac's rainfall, florida tries to halt potential toxic spill. - along with fretting over whether Isaac's winds and flooding will wreck homes and businesses and roads, here's another worry for tampa bay residents: toxic waste overflowing from a long-abandoned florida fertilizer plant - tampa bay times

california utility slammed for 'meaningless' changes. - pacific gas and electric co. made "meaningless" pledges following the san bruno pipeline disaster while doing nothing to change its corporate emphasis on maximizing profit over safety, a top california utility safety official alleges in an extraordinarily harsh regulatory filing - sfgate

severe summer drought recalls damaging dust bowl days. - over the past six weeks, the u.s. department of agriculture has designated 1,821 counties in 35 states as disaster areas, at least 1,692 of them due to drought. the agency is calling it the worst drought in more than 50 years - mcclatchy

contaminated ink implicated in tattoo infections. - a rash of reports this week from the new england journal of medicine, the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention and the u.s. food and drug administration point to contaminated inks as the source of icky-sounding, potentially dangerous skin infections among people with tattoos - wapo

burma floods leave 85,000 homeless in Irrawaddy delta. - the burmese government has said that 85,000 people have been driven from their homes by heavy flooding. the irrawaddy delta - where 130,000 people died in a cyclone in 2008 - has been worst affected - bbc

big chem, big harm? - new research is demonstrating that some common chemicals all around us may be even more harmful than previously thought. yet the evidence is growing that these are significant threats of a kind from which washington continually fails to protect americans - nytimes

the crackpot caucus. the tutorial in 8th grade biology that republicans got after one of their members of congress went public with something from the wackosphere was instructive, and not just because it offered female anatomy lessons to those who get their science from the bible - nytimes

is it too late to defuse the danger of megafires? - forests in the southwest have become a fuel stockpile. a century of u.s. forest service policy of quashing all fires has allowed forests to become overgrown, and now a warming climate is making the problem worse. scientists are trying to defuse these green time bombs. is it too late? - all things considered

black licorice recalled for containing lead - grist

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