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Sunday, August 12, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories that you probably didn't hear on the talking head shows this morning...and definitely not broadcast by nbc.

clearing the air: that air you're breathing may be slowly killing you. - utah has one of the worst air pollution problems in the country and the impacts are startling: the pollution is killing people. It is sending families and individuals to hospital emergency rooms. It is contributing to strokes and heart attacks. bothyoung and old suffer - salt lake deseret news

london 2012: olympic games 'greenest ever.'- london 2012 has been the greenest olympics ever, the commission set up to monitor the environmental impact of the Games has announced. - bbc

the terrible legacy of agent orange. - last week, 40 years after the war ended, the us began a programme to try to decontaminate the worst-affected parts of the country, but even if the belated action grows into something far larger, it can never deal with the dreadful legacy of agent orange - the independent

From (un)Happy, texas - where the water ran out. - in the texas panhandle town of happy, main street is entirely abandoned, save for the happy state bank. locals told me it’s been that way for decades, ever since they “ran out of water.” more accurately, the farmers irrigated so much the aquifer level fell below a level affordable enough to pump. - marketplace

drought in colorado and nationally will lead to higher food prices. - coming soon to a grocery store near you: higher prices. pervasive drought in colorado and much of the rest of the nation means more than just brown lawns and dried-up gardens. crops are stunted, and prices are rising - denver post

drought taps out some water wells around St. Louis. - for months, farmers have been forced to drill deeper wells to water parched crops and feed livestock. but in recent weeks, homeowners across the state have reported that they can't perform basic tasks such as doing laundry or washing dishes, let alone even think about watering their flower beds - st louis dispatch

In texas, water may be free, but it's not forever. - since there's not a whole lot of water falling from the sky, much of the farm belt is looking underground to local aquifers. but here's the thing about that: a new study in the journal "nature" says 20 percent of the world's aquifers are being over-exploited, including those in texas - marketplace

u.s. drought exposes “hydro-illogical” water management. - the historic drought withering much of the united states this summer has revealed a need for strategies to better manage water supplies that could remain under severe pressure both this year and in the longer term - ips

investigator: chevron's richmond refinery fire 'near disaster' for workers; pipe safety in question. - more than a dozen workers were nearly killed when the vapor cloud that sparked monday's massive chevron refinery fire engulfed them as they worked on a leaky, four-decades-old pipe that the oil giant had not replaced during a round of maintenance last year, federal investigators said Saturday - contra costa times

unusual heat points to a long-term problem. - mayor michael bloomberg deserves to be supported in his efforts to promote the use of solar power. so does borough rresident james molinaro in his bid to bring wind power to Staten island. global warming isn’t science fiction; it’s science fact - staten island advance

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