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Saturday, July 07, 2012

oystapacolypse now

not good news for oyster lovers....and our planet.
 a disturbing nationwide decline in oysters and the life-giving reefs that they build is particularly dramatic in california, where the once-abundant native species has been virtually wiped out, according to a recent scientific study.

the report, published in the scientific journal proceedings of the royal society b, said olympia oysters, once an integral part of the native american diet and a staple during the san francisco gold rush, are functionally extinct. 

"essentially, today, the number of oyster reefs is zero," said rob brumbaugh, restoration director for the nature conservancy and co-author of the study. "it's the complete elimination of a key species and habitat on the west coast." - sfgate

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And this is how we die - one food after another destroyed by over harvesting, climate change and/or mindless meddling. GM crops are killing the bees we need for pollination, we have over fished the seas to near extinction and we just keep adding more people and playing god with our planet.

We have killed ourselves, we are just dead men (and women) walking.
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