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Monday, July 09, 2012

Oh Well...

One of my favorite Fleetwood Mac tunes:

I've been on a bit of an FM kick since finding out that Bob Welch committed suicide last month. "Oh Well" predates Welch's time with the band, but in that what-the-hell-does-this-have-to-do-with-that style that has typified much of my blogging for many a year now, 1) I've always thought that Welch never got the credit he deserved for his contributions to Fleetwood Mac, and 2) the very structure of this song fits the way my life has been unfolding for the past year or so: a few minutes of disillusion and disgust, followed by what feels like an eternity of ennui. To make a long, boring story short, I work in one zoo, and when I clock out, I go home to another -- all in Nashua, New Hampshire. I don't miss the print shop job I lost, but I do miss Richmond, Virginia.

But whatever. Enjoy the song...


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One of the best pre-Buckingham/Nicks songs. I mean, I think both eras are good, but the early stuff has a quality that's unique.
commented by Anonymous kmmontandon, 10:13 PM PDT  
I did my own Fleetwood Mac immersion course back last year.

The movie (probably not before 2040 because lawsuits) will be interesting. Really, it's a story that has everything except exploding cars.
commented by Blogger D., 9:58 AM PDT  

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