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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

living the meme...orandum

in the wake of chik-fil-a's president stance against gay marriage,boston doesn't want the franchise in their city.

neither does chicago

newsweek owner barry diller tells staff dead trees mag will soon cease publication. oddly enough, staff panics.

peter bogdonovich is is sick about having made a movie about violence. we agree, at long last love was a bomb.

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As for Diller when somebody tells you not to panic then it's time to panic. Not that I'd bother going out of my way to read Newsweek online or in print. Just saying.

Also makes you wonder who'll have the nerve to take an August vacation?
commented by Blogger Demeur, 8:33 AM PDT  
As Michael Moore points out, if violent media was part of the problem then the rest of the world would have gun violence as well. Other countries with much lower gun violence have violence in their media.
commented by Anonymous Todd, 1:37 PM PDT  

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