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Sunday, July 22, 2012

lazy sunday afternoon

florida's lt. governor counters sexual allegations: "i'm too good looking to be a lesbian"

national insurer won't cover fracking

occupy bohemian grove

eldery bees discover the fountain of bee youth
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Sure fracking is safe, according to the industry.... but insurers just say no to the liability!

"In late 2010, Houston-based driller Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. settled for $4.1 million with residents of Dimock, Pa., over gas found in their water. State environmental regulators determined Cabot contaminated the aquifer underneath homes with explosive levels of methane. A Cabot spokesman said levels of contaminants found didn’t pose a threat to human health or the environment.

Jeffrey Hanneman, the Texas-based director of environmental practice at the insurance broker Aon Risk Solutions, said the Nationwide move was “really unique” and he doesn’t expect it will be the beginning of a trend."

I've seen flaming tap water video that proves Jeffrey Hanneman wrong.
Of course ins companies don't want that liability risk. Insurance companies specialize in taking money from people, any activity that puts them at risk of having to pay out money... is off the table.
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