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Sunday, July 15, 2012

king of bain (reprise)

back by popular demand...

there’s a little black spot on my resume
it’s just all of the jobs that i threw away
there’s a little pink slip that i’m thinking of
because firing folks is the one thing i love

canned 'em in california, let 'em go in maine
on my way to my gop white house reign
and you all watch your paychecks going down the drain
'cuz you know that’s why they all call me the king of bain
words & music: stung, a. winters, s. dopeland

and here's the music, if you want to sing along:
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Love it!

Check out this fun graphic

commented by Blogger Fran, 1:29 PM PDT  
Check out Jim Page's rewrite of this land is our land:

commented by Blogger Fran, 1:31 PM PDT  
well done, Skippy, thanks.

I put it/this/you on FB, for what it's worth.
commented by Anonymous Mo Rage, 8:05 AM PDT  

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