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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

big twitter is watching you

remember guy adams, the british journalist who got his twitter account suspended when nbc complained he was tweeting nasty things about their incompetent olympics coverage?

well, it turns out that it was twitter itself that alerted nbc to adams' tweets:

twitter employees alerted nbc staff to a british journalist’s tweets and showed them how to file a complaint against him, the television network has revealed.

...in an email to the daily telegraph, christopher mccloskey, nbc sport’s vice-president of communications, said twitter had actually contacted the network’s social media department to alert them to mr adams’s tweets.

“our social media dept was actually alerted to it by twitter and then we filled out the form and submitted it,” he wrote.
so twitter, who is a partner with nbc in the presentation of the olympics, apparently doesn't believe in the free flow of information on its own social media.

as of now, adams' account has not been reinstated.

update: the account has been restored, including the tweet w/the nbc exec's email adress, which is gary.zenkel@nbcuni.com, in case you'd like to email nbc and let them know your feelings.
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